3 Peppercorn Collection

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3 Peppercorn Collection

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3 Peppercorn Collection 

Botanical Name: piper nigrum and schinus terebinthifolius
Package size: Approximately 8 oz. 
The 3 Peppercorn Collection consists of a 4-color house blend of four different peppercorns. Each peppercorn in this blend contributes to form a complex blend of flavors in culinary dishes, steaks, fish or mixed into a salad dressing. 
White peppercorns are used in light-colored dishes, white sauces and mashed potatoes. Some chefs use white pepper exclusively for aesthetic reasons. 
Pink peppercorns add a delicate peppery flavour, just by crushing them with a mortar and pestle and can be used at the end of any culinary dish (to avoid losing its flavor). Try it as a contrasting flavor in sweet desserts, particularly cookies. 
For use in pepper grinders or with a mortar and pestle. 

Also sold separately!

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