About Us

Country Meadow was established in 1999 with one single product….soap.

When we purchased Country Meadow Ltd we saw the passion and ingenuity that went into its success and wanted to build a company that had the same standards and reputation as we did. Country Meadow was a choice that we made after long deliberation but felt it was a choice we couldn’t pass up.

Our first sale was made even before we were able to make our first bar of soap or get our website functioning on a new host.

With all our licenses and permits framed on the wall, our website officially went live on January 4, 2014.

To make the most efficient use of our work area for production specifics we designed custom soap racks, molds, and cutters in addition to the inventory we acquired from the purchase of Country Meadow Ltd.

Although we no longer manufacture soap, we support soap makers across the country. Country Meadow Ltd originated a botanical kit for natural health, bath and body products and the DIY artisan from its inception. We were the first to make this kit available in the retail market and focused on offering all natural products.

We decided early on to incorporate our existing design team, HbDzynes, to be part of the changes we anticipated to give Country Meadow Ltd a new look and feel.

Some of our products already carry an HbDzynes label along with that of Country Meadow Ltd. We are excited to see the growth of this partnership as we work on our packaging, bath and body products, and marketing. HbDzynes is also a resource for our commercial and wholesale accounts that will need private labeling and customized artwork for their company or event.

Our company is constantly evolving as we stay abreast of market changes and trends. The only thing that won’t change is the quality of our products!!

Our business is studio based. We do not have a retail location nor are we set up for walk-in customers. With prior notice, we do allow for local pickup.

Country Meadow Ltd. products are sold via our website as well as various gift boutiques and various Northwest venues.

If your favorite store or boutique does not carry our products and you would like them too please refer them to our website for wholesale information!

Executive Director of Operations
Country Meadow Ltd