Botanical Flower Starter Kit

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Botanical Flower Starter Kit

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Botanical Flowers Kit
Four 4-inch bags filled with the highest quality botanicals: Calendula (Marigold) Petals, Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Flower Buds and Rose Petals & Buds, Red. Each bag measures 4 x 4 inches. 

Enough material for SEVERAL projects!

Perfect for sachets, soap. candle or paper making, potpourri, aromatherapy, or other crafts.

Calendula calendula officinalis
Also known as pot marigolds is originally from Egypt. Product consists of flower petals, not whole flowers. Gorgeous yellow color!! The package volume is approximately .2 ounces. They are so light and fluffy that's all we could fit in the bag!! All of the other botanicals are approximately .5 ounces.

Chamomile matricaria chamomilla
German chamomile flowers, grown in Egypt. Best stored in an airtight container in the freezer.

Lavender lavandula angustifolia
We offer high quality English Lavender grown in France. It has a characteristic dark purple-blue color and piney-lavender scent. Lavender flower buds are about the size of a grain of rice and are not on stems. Recommended for: crafting, tea, culinary, potpourri and other aromatic uses. 

Rose Petals & Buds, Red rosa centifolia
Dark red rose petals, along with some rosebuds. For potpourri and other uses.

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RE-FILLS available in two or four cup bags.

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